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2 in 1 Gear & Workbench


Suitable for approximately 10 – 36 months.
A complete mechanical workstation that helps children understand cause-and-effect dynamics as they play one of the most iconic RPGs!

Sold out!

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Consists of 13 different pieces: a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench, screws, gears and bolts with which to unleash the imagination.

Put the gears in the right sequence to spin them and have fun pretending to be a little mechanic! At the end of the game, kids can turn it over and use it as a toolbox to collect all the pieces!

Chicco’s 2-in-1 children’s toolbox is the toy that stimulates logical association and helps develop manual skills while having fun!

A real toy workstation complete with the Chicco Smart2Play series, which pushes the little ones to a first approach to logical association.


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