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Bravo Trio Travel System (Camden)


Homologated from birth to 22Kgs. The Bravo Stroller and the top-rated KeyFit Infant Car Seat pair seamlessly to offer an intuitive, easy-to-use travel solution. It is agile and durable, also quite convenient to carry. This trio set consists of a stroller and car seat pair.

Sold out!

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The Bravo Stroller and the KeyFit Infant Car Seat are some of the baby’s high-rated strollers and seats. This baby stroller is available to buy with a KeyFit car seat for the baby. Light metal in the frame of the Stroller is its specialty. Chicco KeyFit convertible car seat strollers can be bifurcated with a simple process. Removing the KeyFit car seat and the canopy from the top of the Stroller makes it the lightest and easily movable Stroller. In addition, the removable Chicco KeyFit infant car seat can be fixed to the middle of the car.

1. Top-rated Infant Car seat in the USA
2. Car Seat Carrier
3. One-hand smart fold
4. Agile and Durable
5. Treaded tire for better grip

The fixing process is straightforward and understandable. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Build quality of the Bravo Stroller and the top-rated KeyFit Infant Car Seat is top-notch. However, Chicco has paid great attention to the small details of the Stroller.

Bravo Trio Travel System: Camden homologated from birth to 22kgs. The distinct engineering in the Stroller can make it stand on its wheels in a fold position. The Stroller is one of its kind. It doesn’t support its handle because the wheels of the Stroller work as a stand.

Chicco car seats can be the best companion for babies on a long journey. The parents need not worry about their baby’s safety while driving because The KeyFit car seat will render maximum protection. With KeyFit30, the infant seat can also be securely installed over the Stroller.

The Bravo Stroller and the KeyFit Infant Car Seat can be easily folded with just one hand. The folding handle of the Stroller is located under the seat pad. It can be kept anywhere in the home. The three-in-one Stroller is portable.

The Bravo Stroller and the KeyFit Infant Car Seat come with an adjustable canopy. The canopy can be adjusted according to the requirements of the baby and parents. There is a peek-a-boo window open at the top of the roof. Chicco forever car seat is made up of the finest quality of eco-leather. It is durable and long-lasting.

The wheels of the Bravo Stroller are comparatively bigger. Suspension is also available in the Stroller to give protection against jerks and rough roads. It can be easily moved on uneven terrain. Also, the rest adds a start to this baby stroller. Suspension is available on all wheels.

There are three removable accessories available in Bravo Stroller and the KeyFit Infant Car Seat. However, the top-selling Bravo 3-in-1 Trio Travel System combines the full-size Bravo Quick-Fold Stroller and the top-rated KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat Pair for streamlined travel.

●Parents can remove the other extension from the Stroller according to their requirements. However, parents will get two different accessories in one Stroller. They will get a stroller, a KeyFit car seat pair for the baby.
●A large, adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window provides privacy and protection with UV B protection.
●The three-in-one Bravo Stroller also comes with a removable basket. Parents can use the basket to keep the things and goods of their babies. The basket can be installed at the front of the Stroller.
●Bravo Stroller can be washed easily with Hands, even in cold water. Parents must not use bleach while washing it. The frame and metallic part must be cleaned periodically with a dry cloth. KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat can be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. The car seat must clean independently.

The travel system in Chicco strollers is of premium grade. Parents can now travel with their infants for long hours with the availability of an Interchangeable KeyFit car seat in our strollers. KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is the best baby car seat offered by a company. Our travel system in the strollers provides optimum comfort to infants even while sleeping or while traveling in a car. Owing to the quality products, we have built a bond of trust with every buyer. We are rendering our services in more than 150+ countries of the world.
Chicco’s three-in-one Stroller is the frequently bought Stroller. Parents can easily remove the KeyFit car seat and the canopy from the Stroller’s top, converting it to the lightest and easily movable Stroller. The versatile functionality of Chicco strollers makes it one of the top stroller manufacturing brands in the world.


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