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About Us

Chicco is an Italian brand founded in 1958 and specializes in baby products which are researched and developed by its very own baby research centre, ‘Osservatorio Chicco’. Osservatorio Chicco is a centre dedicated to children’s psycho-physical, emotional and social needs. For the past 60 years, Chicco has continued to develop trustworthy, quality and innovative products for the needs of children and parents alike. Today, Chicco is a global brand with a presence in 120 countries.

Chicco Brunei

Chicco Brunei works closely with its headquarters and aims to offer the latest products and promote safety and innovation in the baby sector. We strive to bring awareness to important campaigns such as child safety outdoors, at home, promoting breastfeeding, family well-being and sustainability. Our brand offers a range of products such as baby gear, toys, cosmetics, nursing, fashion, the Boppy brand and more.