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Ducati 1198 Remote Control


Suitable for approximately 2 years +

The Chicco remote control Ducati 1198 features a remote control that looks like the front end of a Ducati 1198 dash board complete with handlebars and a speedo.


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A Ducati Bike for Kids

For little boys who are fond of bikes, the Chicco Ducati 1198 RC motorcycle is an extremely useful addition to their collection of playtime accessories. Designed as a replica of the real motorbike, this Ducati 1198 toy bike is extremely easy to use thanks to the remote control accompanying the set up. Your child can conveniently steer the bike through different routes using the navigation control on the remote. Due to its bright colour, this toy bike comes across as an attractive as well as engaging playtime option for your little boy.

Easy to Operate and Carry

The remote control accompanying this Ducati 1198 RC motorcycle allows your kid to steer the bike into six different directions adding more fun to the entire game. Additionally, the remote is battery-operated so you can conveniently replace the batteries depending on your requirements. Being lightweight, it is extremely easy to carry this Ducati 1198 toy motorcycle in your bag especially when you are travelling with your kids. Any kid in the age-group of two years and above will enjoy playing with this toy. To give a more realistic experience, this stylish bike toy also roars like a bike.


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