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New Beginning Oral Care Set


Ideal to start taking care of baby’s oral hygiene.
Gum gel to soothe eruption of first teeth, accompanied by finger brush.

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Dental hygiene habits should start from the very beginning, even before the first tooth comes in. It is important to prevent the buildup of bacteria and to learn simple gestures that will help to establish good oral health habits in the baby right away. All Chicco products are developed in collaboration with experts, to satisfy the specific needs of each teething stage, right from the first days.

Thanks to the soft bristles it allows parents to gently clean and massage reddened gums and baby’s first teeth. Made of soft silicone, it perfectly fits adults finger.

Suitable for soothing discomfort linked to the eruption of baby’s first teeth. It is safe to swallow and without flavour.

Sanitising action: with Xylitol, it cleans and sanitises the oral mucosa.

Soothing and refreshing action: Chamomile provides relief to irritated gums


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