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Nipple Shields Silicone M-L


Nipple shields are designed for maximum skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby. Made of soft and very thin silicone, they adhere perfectly and ensure an optimal fit.
– Maximum contact.
– Ultra-thin and ultra soft silicone.
– Functional teat.
– Sterilisation case.

Sold out!

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– The special ergonomic shape is designed to ensure the contact of the baby’s nose and chin with the mother pelledella for a natural breastfeeding.
– The thin thickness makes them invisible and allows the transmission of the heat of the mother’s skin; special “mommy effect” silicone, soft and velvety for a natural breastfeeding.
– The oval shape of the tettina favors the right position of the mouth and a correct attack on the breast, the vertical cracks allows the milk to flow in a natural and continous way, without stagnations.
– Can be sterilised directly in the microwave: Read the instructions carefully.


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